Funfair Photoshoot – Jayme & Aoife

couple shoot
January 24, 2018

This shoot literally ticked one of my long time photography goals off my list (although I would totally do it again and again!), I’ve been dying to do a funfair shoot for as long as I can remember!

These guys were celebrating their 3rd anniversary and wanted to go somewhere “fun” for their shoot. I knew if I didn’t take this opportunity to suggest a funfair I never would. Jayme and Aoife were delighted with the suggestion so off we went to Funderland for the day! I say the day…shoots don’t normally take that long, but we may have been distracted many, many, many times by going on the rides and playing the carnival games (hence winning the inflatable banana you see in some of the photos!). These two could not have been more fun to photograph, they completely went with the flow and had the craic! I¬† could not have asked for a better/nicer/more fun couple to have fulfilled this wish.


My advice to other couples planning a shoot is to think outside the box, whether it be on your wedding day or an engagement shoot… there is always the opportunity to have some fun taking your photos! No one likes looking stiff in front of the camera or feeling self conscious, so if you go out and do an activity like Jayme and Aoife did then you get caught up in the moment and completely relax! So if anyone else reading this has some unusual ideas for a photoshoot hit me up and lets make it happen!